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Research Management

Research management is the design, management and development of purpose driven social systems through a methodical search for new knowledge and its systematic traceable documentation in accordance with scientific standards.


Many innovative ideas are not implemented in practice. Research and development is simply too risky.

There are many reasons for this, including:

  • A lack of time: not a priority of the current business process
  • A lack of budget: the financing of tactical issues takes precedence over strategic investments
  • Research and development is uncertain: planning, profit and marketability are difficult to forecast


The IAW will give you freedom. With its R&D management, IAW helps to provide you with the time and money to organize your ideas and limit your risk.

How the IAW helps:

  1. Coordinates the brainstorming
  2. Organizes the found ideas
  3. Qualifies them into a project
  4. Seeks and organizes funding opportunities for the project
  5. Writes the research proposal
  6. Coordinates the research project into the implementation phase
  7. Assumes all administrative tasks associated with the management of the project
  8. Supports the marketing of the project results

If you have innovative ideas, talk to us!

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