IAW e.V. Industrie- und Automobilregion Westsachsen
Lessingstr. 4, D-08058 Zwickau
Managing Director: Heidrun Kube

phone: +49 375 541710
fax: +49 375 541713
e-mail: kontakt@iaw-2010.de

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Information Management

The aim of information management is to establish a regional information infrastructure that is designed to provide an optimal and well-targeted distribution of information.


Many innovative companies do not know where they can find relevant information in their region. To get the "right" information, it takes time and money.

There are many reasons for this, including:

  • Germany’s confusing information landscape
  • Frequent lack of awareness of where and how companies can find valuable information


The IAW will give you the relevant information. Our information management can help you find, filter and effectively utilize valuable information relevant to the success of your organization and ideas.

How the IAW helps:

  1. Collects your information needs
  2. Organizes the information you need
  3. Filters and analyzes the information

Examples of what we do:

  • Analyze the possibilities of state funding for your ideas and projects.
  • Introduce you to potential project partners with the necessary resources or expertise.

If you are looking for information, talk to us!

Quelle: http://en.iaw-2010.de/Information_Management

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