IAW e.V. Industrie- und Automobilregion Westsachsen
Lessingstr. 4, D-08058 Zwickau
Managing Director: Heidrun Kube

phone: +49 375 541710
fax: +49 375 541713
e-mail: kontakt@iaw-2010.de

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About the IAW

The IAW e.V. Industrial and Automotive Region of West Saxony was founded in November 2000. By targeting potential flaws in the regional value chain and organizing the optimal utilization of regional competencies, the IAW aims to strengthen the competitiveness of West Saxony’s businesses for the purpose of creating new jobs and retaining existing ones. Hence, the IAW proudly operates under its motto: “Innovation accelerates when partners across different fields of expertise unite to enhance the potential and competitiveness of their region.”

The region of West Saxony is known as one of Germany’s traditional areas of automotive industry and possesses a long and vibrant history of advanced engineering and automotive development. With four Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) operating in six locations and more than ten major first stage systems suppliers, the region harbors a dynamic and growing economy that is home to over 450 Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs). Today, West Saxony continues to develop its advanced scientific and technological potential through a number of renowned universities and research institutions including TU Chemnitz, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Fachhochschule Freiberg, Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau, and Fraunhofer Institut für Werkzeugmaschinen und Umformtechnik Chemnitz.

The IAW e.V. has become a central coordinating and advisory body for innovative companies in the region. Working with more than 80 regional partners, the association facilitates and supports a research and innovation network of primarily SMEs working in collaboration with universities and research institutions and the financial support of various government chambers, associations and agencies. Specializing in project management, its work is characterized by a realization of professional ideas through various phases of planning, structuring, coordination and control, management, processing and marketing. The IAW aims to permanently strengthen the regional economy by means of optimizing its value chain and improving its global competitiveness.

Today, the IAW e.V. can refer to more than 30 successfully initiated and implemented joint research and development projects. At present, the association is involved in several regional projects encompassing a network of four universities, three research institutions and more than 25 SMEs.

Quelle: http://en.iaw-2010.de/About_the_IAW

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