IAW e.V. Industrie- und Automobilregion Westsachsen
Lessingstr. 4, D-08058 Zwickau
Managing Director: Heidrun Kube

phone: +49 375 541710
fax: +49 375 541713
e-mail: kontakt@iaw-2010.de

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Welcome to the official site of the IAW

Founded in 2000, IAW e.V. the Industrial and Automotive Region of West Saxony was established on the initiative of more than 80 partners and members.  The IAW e.V. facilitates and supports a research and innovation network of primarily small and medium sized businesses working in collaboration with universities and research institutions and the financial support of various government chambers, associations and agencies.

We work closely with our partners to help them achieve the following five dimensions:

1. New prospects for their employees and companies

2. The freedom to realize their ideas

3. The structures necessary for idea and product realization

4. The transfer of ideas, products, and processes

5. The optimal flow of information

Our service is characterized by our dedication to our principles:

  • We are a pioneer and trailblazer for innovative action.
  • We act consistently and reliably in the interests of our partners.
  • We provide excellent service through dedication and competence.
  • We identify with the desires and needs of our partners.
  • We act as a neutral authority on behalf of our partners.
  • Friendliness, fairness, respect and trust are the benchmarks of our cooperation.
  • We share our knowledge and we continue to develop through continuous learning.
  • We act with foresight in the consciousness of our special responsibility to the people of the region.
  • We are constantly looking for cooperation and collaboration.

Quelle: http://en.iaw-2010.de/

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